Rajapinta ry on vuonna 2017 perustettu informaatioteknologian ja yhteiskuntatieteellisen tutkimuksen kohtaamispaikka. Yhdistyksen tavoitteena on edistää yhteiskuntatieteellistä informaatioteknologian tutkimusta sekä digitaalisten ja laskennallisten menetelmien käyttöä yhteiskuntatieteissä. Toimintamme on avointa kaikille opiskelijoille, tutkijoille ja tutkimuksen ystäville!

Rajapinta is a scientific association that advocates the social scientific study of ICT and ICT applications to social research in Finland. The association was founded in January 2017.

The short-term goal of the association is to improve collaboration and provide opportunities for meetings and networking; in the long term, we hope to be established as part of a scientific community.

We organize monthly open meetups, which can be used to discuss research topics and choices of methods, as well as read and comment others’ work.

We thank Kone Foundation for their support for these operations.

Joining the association

You can join the association by submitting a membership application.

During the year 2017, there are no annual membership fees nor a joining fee.

If you require assistance or need help, contact us via

Join the discussion list

Join our email list: send an email .

To contact everyone on the discussion list, send an email to .

Contact emails

  • – Want to speak out our monthly meetings? Any questions about the participation to these events?
  • – Membership related issues
  • – billing Rajapinta ry – remember to reference who you interacted with (our reference) to make the billing quick to process.
  • – All other matters

The Executive Committee (2018-2019)

  • Matti Nelimarkka (chair, Aalto University / University of Helsinki)
  • Tuukka Lehtiniemi (Aalto University / University of Turku)
  • Marjoriikka Ylisiurua (University of Helsinki)
  • Salla-Maaria Laaksonen (University of Helsinki)
  • Minttu Tikka (University of Helsinki)
  • Pihla Toivanen (University of Helsinki / Aalto University)
  • Robin Lybeck (Åbo Akademi)
  • Tuomas Soila (University of Helsinki)

Personal email addresses are format

Charter and other official documentation

We are a Finnish association, Finnish Associations Act (Yhdistyslaki) and our charter (yhdistyksen säännöt). The official language of the association is Finnish.

The association ID is 218.923 and further information of the association is provided in the government’s information system.

Privacy policy (rekisteriseloste) of the association’s member registry can be found here.

To reach us, use the -address or our postal address

Rajapinta ry
c/o Matti Nelimarkka
PL 15600
00076 Aalto