What is meetup?

We have ~monthly gatherings where we have various types of activities: for example presentations (Finnish/English) on ongoing research projects, everything from Master’s thesis topics to professor-led big projects, or workshops that focus on a particular issue. We also address shared issues for the Rajapinta community, ranging from digital research ethics to data collection settings. Check details of upcoming events in our Facebook events.

Rajapinta also gives financial support to events organized by its members. Read more of our Community Action mechanism here.

Schedule Spring 2019

  • 25.1.  Helsinki, Sitra: Privacy theme (Facebook-tapahtuma)
  • 14.2.  Helsinki, Yhteiskunta-alan korkeakoulutetut: Yhteiskuntatieteilijän digitaidot? (Facebook-tapahtuma)
  • 8.4. Tampere, University of Tampere: Content labeling in social media: how and why? (Facebook-tapahtuma)
  • May: kevätjuhla, Helsinki.

Schedule Fall 2018

  • 28.9.    Helsinki
  • 23.10.  Jyväskylä
  • 14.12.  Helsinki

Schedule Spring 2018

  • 26.1.  Helsinki, Helsingin yliopisto
  • 16.2.  Helsinki, Elisa
  • 21.3.  Helsinki, Miltton
  • 20.4.  Helsinki, Helsingin yliopisto
  • 25.5.  Turku, Turun yliopisto

Schedule Fall 2017

  • 28.9. (in Tampere)
    • Presentation names will be published about week before the event
  • 27.10. (in Helsinki)
  • 24.11. (in Helsinki)

Do you want to speak?

We are happy to facilitate various presentations during our meetups, usually less than 30 minutes in lenght. Contact us at to reserve your spot!

Old meetups

  • 17.2. Kamari @ Kone foundation
    • Juho Pääkkönen
    • Marjoriikka Ylisiurua
  • 10.3. from 2pm forward: Futurice (Annankatu 34 B, 8th floor, 00100, Helsinki)
    • Eeva Raita
    • Ville Vakkuri
    • Matti Nelimarkka
  • 12.4. at 2pm-> Valtiotieteellinen tiedekunta / Faculty of Social Science, University of Helsinki
    • Petri Heinonen
    • Minttu Tikka
  • 19.5. 14-> : Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia / Finnish Academy of Science and Letters