ECSCW Workshop on Backchannels & audience participation

Me and some of my colleagues have been interested on participation in co-located context for some time. Previous research has used terms backchannels and audience response systems to explain these, we refer to them only as live participation tools. We’re organizing a workshop in ECSCW 2013 on this topic:

Backhannels and live participation tools are used e.g. in education, conferences and TV shows to increase the interactivity and participation of learners, participants and viewers. Research-wise the domain is scattered across different fields, such as HCI, CSCW and education. This workshop aims to draw together researchers, developers and practitioners in this area to consider (1) how to conduct high quality research and (2) how to make research with impact on the larger society.

We invite submissions in following categories:

  • Examples and demos of prototypes, experiments and system descriptions of and for backchanneling and other forms of audience participation
  • Research methods for analysis
  • Case studies and empirical findings
  • Exploration of new ideas

The workshop is part of ECSCW 2013 (Sep 21st – Sep 25th @ Paphos, Cyprus)
Workshop date: Sep 21st
Submission deadline: June 28th

See our workshop page for more details.